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A nice idea for when the usual window-box fare can’t cut it anymore

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Easy hanging herb garden

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Olha que mimo esse pé de melancia em vaso.

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Hi! I have one of those pots that have small pockets that stick out of the side. I was wondering what kind of plants are good for it? (preferably edible plants). Also what are some tips on growing chamomile? Soil drainage and such.. Thank you!


Hey! I’ve seen those pots (I think they’re called strawberry pots) used a lot for herbs. Generally, the taller plants will be at the top and smaller plants should be planted in the side holes. For examples, you can plant lemon balm or chives in the top hole and grow mint or oregano in the smaller holes. Whatever herbs you choose, be sure to use organically rich soil and to keep the soil moist.

I’m assuming you mean German Chamomile (Matricaria retucita) that is often used for making tea. If you want to grow them from seed, it’s best to start them indoors during the last weeks of winter and transplant them when they are big enough. However, you can also sow them straight into the garden or an outside container, but in this case it’s best to do that in autumn. Be careful not to cover the seeds with soil because they need light to germinate, which they should do fairly quick. Once they start to grow, they are quite easy to care for. The soil should be well-draining but does not have to be organically rich and they are not particular about pH. They are also drought-tolerant so don’t require much watering, unless you live in a very hot and dry climate. Flowers will usually start to appear a month after planting but they can flower all through the summer. Keep in mind that the plant will self-seed and can be invasive. You may want this in your garden but otherwise just make sure you harvest the flowers in time :).

Hope that helped!

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My mom is an addiction enabler. She built new shelves for more plants.

That’s what love looks like.

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Pterocarya, or Wingnut (a relative of the walnut), germinated from self-harvested seeds in Århus botaniske have (Aarhus Botanical Gardens).

I am unsure of which kind of Wingnut it is: I’ll find out as it gets older. The seeds had a wicked dark brown dye to them that leached out as I soaked them — I think they would do just as well, if not better than a walnut dye for fibre arts (looking at you, hqcreations).

Some research indicates the essential oil extracted from this plant could be beneficial in fighting disease.


awkward lopsided thing! smell dat basil aww yuss


So here are some better shots of that ceramic strawberry pot I did. I planted basil in the half-cups recently since the parsley will be on its way out in a few months. 

This is wild. I love it. Then again, I’m a sucker for ceramics in general: it’s probably a reason I got involved in gardening in the first place.

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Couple Build DIY Reclaimed Off Grid Tiny Cabin for $7k

Loving the little built-in planter for micro-greens.

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Me, selling can gardens in Montréal - Summer 2012

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